Selasa, 10 Februari 2015

Your Exclusive Luxury Beach Vacations

Have you been dreaming about taking exclusive luxury beach vacations? The kind where everything you can imagine is at your disposal and there are breathtaking views and scenery? There are some amazing luxury beach vacations that can be taken all over the world. Here are some places to check out when your planning your next luxury beach vacations.

* The Luxury Yacht Solemar: This gorgeous ship stops at some of the most beautiful luxury beach vacations hot spots. From the US Virgin Islands to the Caribbean and the British Virgin Islands. The boat is 61. 5m long, that has everything you need to enjoy your luxury beach vacations. This is a cruise you do not want to miss.

* Necker Island: It is actually one of Sir Richard Branson's own islands. This is an amazing island to visit for your luxury beach vacations. Near the British Virgin Islands, this is a beautiful and unique island to visit for any luxury beach vacations.

* Motu Tane: This island is part of Bora Bora's private islands and if you are looking for exclusivity and to be treated like royalty then you would want to put this on your list of luxury beach vacations to take. So , exclusive Bora Bora only allows one party on the island at any one time. Near Tahiti and other South Pacific Islands, this is one of the ultimate luxury beach vacations that can be taken.

* Nygard Cay: Part of the Bahamas and one of their most unusual and interesting islands to take luxury beach vacations. With multiple villas to rent and plenty to do and see, this is luxury beach vacations at it's best.

* Indigo Islands: Another private island that only allows up to 18 persons at a time while on their luxury beach vacations. Also located in the Bahamas and an extremely private island that will astound and amaze you while on your luxury beach vacations.

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